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CBD Distillate Oil Wholesale



CBD Distillate Oil Wholesale. It is our most potent hemp oil. It contains an average 80% CBD while retaining terpenes and other beneficial compounds, without the chlorophyll and other heavier components that affect color and flavor.

Distillate – in other words, cannabinoids that have been distilled from concentrate or plant matter – has arrived. Distillation is a technique for creating cannabis extracts that are pure on a molecular level. It is possible to isolate specific cannabinoids. It is also possible to create odourless and tasteless THC (or CBD) that is 99% pure concentrate.

THC CBD Distillate Oil Wholesale

It’s not hard to imagine why someone would need to be very careful about using a powerfully potent dose of THC. After all, THC is the component of marijuana that gets you high. Its psycho active effects would be magnified all the more if you were consuming a distilled version of THC.

After all, it’s like getting a super strong dose of THC directly to your blood stream. This means it will have a powerful effect, and a little will go a very long way.

A direct distillate of THC that contains close to one hundred percent THC will have extremely potent effects on the mind. People should be careful when taking something as strong as this.

CBD Distillate Oil Wholesale

However, CBD distillate is different. Yes, CBD is one of the other cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, just like THC is. There are also nearly one hundred more chemicals like them found in the marijuana family of plants.

But unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have the same psycho active effects that THC does. Because of this, it may be a bit more approachable in cases of taking such a pure form of CBD.

Another name that people give to CBD Distillate Oil Wholesale is CBD isolate or CBD shatter. Both of these substances are very pure, concentrated forms of cannabidiol, one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. These products often come in a powder, wax, crystals, or a glassy looking form.

CBD Distillate Oil WholesaleAre you looking for verified clean CBD Distillate Oil Wholesale with quad-testing for Potency, Microbial, Pesticides and Residual Solvents? Below you can find a list of our bulk oil variations:

– THC Winterized: ~ 65% to 75% Potency
– THC Distillate: ~ 80% to 84% Potency
– THC Distillate Ultra Premium: 85% to 90% Potency
– CBD Winterized: 60% – 65% Potency
– CBD Distilled: ~ 70% – 80% Potency




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