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Water Soluble CBD Wholesale

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Price CBD Water Soluble 30ml – 1000mg:
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Water Soluble CBD Wholesale. Learn more about this amazing product below;

What is water soluble CBD?

Water Soluble CBD Wholesale. Cannabidiol (CBD) is hydrophobic and mixes well with oil, but not water. Rudimentary knowledge of chemistry reminds us that oil and water do not mix. This is because water and compounds that water dissolves in are hydrophilic (water-loving) while oil and compounds that mix with oil are hydrophobic (water-resistant). Thus hydrophobic molecules can be defined as those that do not mix with water.

All cannabinoids do not dissolve in water (i.e, are hydrophobic) and resist absorption into the bloodstream. This is especially true for CBD Isolate, which is pure CBD (99%+) in crystalline form. Water Soluble CBD Wholesale.

DescriptionMedi™ CBDExisting WS CBD
Technology PlatformTruAngstromNano-Emulsion
Mixture Composition[1]HomogenousHeterogenous
Particle size<5 Nanometers100+ Nanometers
Maximum Cannabinoid Concentration, mg/L1000-500010-20
FlavorNeutral / Easily MaskedPlant-Like
BioavailabilityHigh (90%+)Low (10-30%)
Shelf LifeHigh (CBD does not settle out)Low (CBD settles out)
Product OpportunitiesExtensive product differentiationLimited differentiation
Intellectual PropertyPatentedNone

Why Medi™?

Our P.h.D. formulation scientists, with the help of customer feedback, have developed an advanced water soluble CBD product that is;

1. Water-Based (NOT oil-based). Other, CBD Water Soluble suppliers use oil-based emulsifiers. Medi DOES NOT! We do not use surfactants or emulsifiers such as polysorbate or lecithin, or any liposomes including phospholipids or micelles.
2. Completely clear & transparent and not hazy or translucent.
3. Higher bioavailability.
4. Has high-shelf life stability (because of it’s water-base).
5. Particle size is small and consistent (<1 nanometer).
6. Utilizes CBD Isolate Max™, which contains CBDV & 7-10 terpenes
7. No need for Glycerin, lecithin, solvents, detergents, or phospholipids.
8. Much easier to mask CBD bitterness

Water Soluble CBD Wholesale.

1 review for Water Soluble CBD Wholesale

  1. Jimia Bouldson

    It is pure CBD (cannabidiol) formulated to dissolve in any water base for drinking as a simple delivery system. CBD comes in two forms one is a crystal isolate which only dissolves in oil and alcohol-based solvents. … The water soluble product we call SDP 46.

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